Stepping Into Impact

It had been a long time since I'd been to this place.  Okay, maybe only a few months.  But it seemed like an eternity since I'd been with other coaches and spent some time on me.  Time to reflect.  Time to evaluate.  Time to say where is God leading and am I willing to say yes? 

I reengaged on faith.  Faith that God will provide the funds.  Faith that this is where I am supposed to be.  Faith that this is "home". 

I'm furthering my coaching training by going on to mastery.  Mastery to hone my skills.  Mastery to identify my niche in the coaching world.  Mastery to be sharpened by other coaches just as Proverbs 27:17 says. 

Each session starts with a story.  Our coach reads it, we listen, and then we share what we learn.  The story last night was of a father and a daughter.  The daughter had it figured out.  The father knew otherwise.  An object lesson ensued. 

He had prepared three items on the table.  Everyday items found in the kitchen.  Carrots.  Eggs.  Coffee.  Paleo breakfast if you ask me.  He urged her, "Go ahead, experience it."

Reluctantly, the daughter stepped forward.  She might have questioned why - to be honest I can't remember.  Slowly, she touched the carrots.  They were soft.  The egg was hard.  She peeled it to find a hard boiled egg underneath it's fragile shell.  And coffee, well it's coffee.

Dad explained that all had been subject to boiling water, yet all had different responses.  The carrots softened.  The egg hardened.  The coffee became coffee - depending on your coffee quotient.  Some would say it became bitter and needed that chocolate belgian coffee creamer.  Yum!  Others of you would say it became a delightful drink to be consumed black.  Ack!  

The dad explained life can be a little like boiling water.  We are subjected to the ups and downs of life.  But, the question is how will we respond to our troubles and the things life throws our way?  Will we soften?  Will we become hard?  Will we become bitter or a delicious drink to perk up the sleepy? 

As we went around our coaches circle, I was chosen to start.  I said something less than stellar about how she had to experience it.  True confession:  I always lose a lot of the details of the story.  Clearly, auditory learning is not my strength. 

As we went around, most camped on how we choose to respond to life.  How will we show up?  Will we soften?  Will we harden?  All under pressure? 

We got to Janet and the room fell into a hush as she commented, "Be impactful, not impacted."

I know, it's so deep you have no idea what it means, right? As i sat with it, I wondered how many times we let life impact us.  We're having a bad day. We're too busy to actually assess if the day is going poorly.   We feel misunderstood.  Our family and friends don't understand what we're feeling.  We feel alone.  

In those moments, are we impacted?  Or can we choose to be impactful?  Can we choose to learn from the difficulties of life?  Can we allow God to teach us from the everyday things of life and then use what we learn to impact the people around us. 

Will we live our lives for impact, or let our lives live us and be impacted? 

As I sat and listened to all the thoughts around the room, I realized that being someone who impacts is a choice.  It's a choice to let God mold and shape us for our good and His glory.  It's choosing to not be hardened by life's circumstances, but to become soft, pliable, and available.   It's a choice to learn from my life and share it with others. 

One foot faith is a faith that chooses to impact rather than be impacted by our circumstances.  One foot faith sees every moment as an opportunity to learn from the God who loves us.  One foot faith brings the heart that is soft or hard or bitter before a loving God who changes us from the inside out.  One foot faith chooses to impact.  Today, I'm choosing to impact instead of being impacted by my circumstances.  How about you?