A Simple Yes

I was in my last coaching class minding my own business.  We were there to learn how to become masterful coaches.  We were there to learn about the ins and outs of the coaching business.  

We were not there to learn about Mary.  About God.  About Christmas.  

Yet in the midst of our discussion, one of my classmates brought up Mary.  Brought up God.  Brought up Christmas. 

Her church had been studying Mary's response to the angel all those years ago.  Her response to the virgin birth.  Her response to becoming the mother of Jesus.  Her response to Christmas.  

Say Yes to Christmas-2.png

Her calling was difficult.  She would be found pregnant without being married.  People would assume.  Gossip would ensue.  Misunderstanding would develop.  And Joseph would be hurt.  She could become an outcast.  Considered crazy.  All to birth the Savior. 

I stopped short because of her response to Christmas.  Her response was "yes".  Yes to a difficult calling on her life.  Yes to embracing misunderstanding and assumptions.  Yes to tears and joy at the same time.  Yes to following God even when the cost was huge.  Yes to following God when the pathway was lonely.  Just yes. 

I asked myself a silent question. Am I saying yes to Christmas?  Am I saying yes to God? 

On the outside, I can check all the boxes.  Yes.  I left my job without another one lined up in August.  Yes, I'm trusting him with a new business and a new ministry.  But to be honest, when the going has gotten tough, I've found myself questioning my leap of faith.  I'm surprised by the hills that need to be climbed.  And the comfort zones that I keep needing to bust through.  The glow of being an inspiring, crazy dream chaser has worn off with the piles of bills on my counter. 

So, would I still say yes to the baby born in the manger?  When he calls me to the crazy, will I say yes?  I realize God isn't calling us to Mary's life.  The life of a virgin giving birth to the Savior of the world.  But he's calling.  He's calling us to follow.  He's calling us to be ready.  He's calling us to be faithful. 

And maybe He's not calling you to the crazy.  Maybe he's calling you to the simple. everyday obedience that comes with being a disciple of Christ.

 He's calling you to a daily time of devotion and prayer with Him.  Will you say yes?

 He's calling you to slow down this Christmas season and make it about His presence and not about all those presents.  Will you say yes? 

He's calling you to be present in your life and relationships instead of constantly checking your phone for a virtual life.  Will you say yes? 

He's calling you to reach out in love to your friends.  To your neighbors.  To those who need a loving touch this holiday season.  Will you say yes? 

As 2014 comes to a close, I'm working on my word for next year.  As I consider 2015, what is God asking me to say yes to?  

God may not be asking of us what He asked of Mary.  But he's asking.  And as a follower of Christ, I want to be in a place where I will say yes to the mundane and yes to the crazy.  Am I willing to follow the Savior born in a manger?  Can a simple yes change the trajectory of my life? 

One foot faith says yes to Christmas.  One foot faith says yes to the Savior whose birth we are preparing to celebrate.  One foot faith creates space and time to be still.  One foot faith considers the question "What is God asking me to say yes to this year?"  One foot faith says yes to the everyday asks and the crazy asks to follow a Savior born in the manger.  Merry Christmas!