As You Are Going

It was a cold Minnesota winter and we had travelled over three hours to attend the extravaganza.  Women from all over the state had gathered for a training seminar.  We were hungry to know how to do this thing called Women's Ministry.  

Not knowing what to expect, I sat flipping through my book waiting for our first session to start.  As our trainer got up to speak, my pen was in hand so I could take notes and "master" every thing I needed to become a great leader.  

What surprised me about the weekend seminar was how my heart began to feel.  As each session wore on, I felt a growing passion and burden for the material we were studying.  

The gist of the course was the Great Commission and Great Commandment.  What my last boss loves to refer to as GC (squared).  It is among some of Jesus' last words to His disciples and contains the implications for the calling of every Christian since.  

Go therefore, and make disciples....

The original Greek implies a translation like "as you are going make disciples".  Like as you are going to the grocery store.  Or as you are going to work.  Or as you are going on a walk with your dog.  You get the picture.  As part of your everyday, walking around life, invest in the next generation of disciples. 

Knowing My God Gift Set.jpg

That day, I realized that one of my biggest passions was helping others grow in their faith. I loved to pour into others so that they too could become people who helped the next generation grow in their faith.  

An in truth, one foot faith lives in such a way to make disciples of the next generation wherever they are.  

The tricky part sometimes is who the next generation really is, isn't it?  For moms, your primary calling is to pour into the next generation right under your roof.  Your kiddos.  Your grandkiddos.  

For us single gals or possibly empty nesters who are not-yet-grandparents, this is a little trickier.  But here's the thing.  God puts kids in our lives.  God puts young people in our lives.  God puts those who are young in the faith in our lives.  And our call is to disciple those God puts there.  To encourage.  To speak truth.  To read truth. 

Which is why I'm so excited to present to you a special offer from my friends at the book review company (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give them a shout out!)

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For you moms, this is a great way for you to invest in your kids, read them the truth about Jesus and His Word, and have a tool to pour into the lives of your kiddos. 

For those of us with no kiddos in the house - lets give some love away.  How about purchasing a book with the discount to donate to our church's children's ministry?  (A little shout out to MGEFC's own Kristy and Breanne & Casey)  Let's bless our ministries with a quality book for our volunteers to use to continue to disciple the next generation.  

And while I'm excited that I can pass on savings to you today.  I am more excited about the chance for each of us to fulfill our callings as Christ followers.  To live mindful of the fact that as we are going we get the privilege of making disciples one step at a time!