Who You Are: John Croyle Book Review

Little did I know, that when my publicist friends contact me about reviewing another John Croyle book, I would find a great book for life coaching instead. 

Many of you may remember John Croyle from my last book review How To Raise A Princess - all about raising daughters.  John, a college football player, chose to open a home for boys and later girls as his life work.  Their organization takes in kids from abusive backgrounds, kids who need a second chance, and changes their lives by reintroducing them to healthy love and family.  Honestly, their story is inspiring. 

But when I opened Who You Are I was pleasantly surprised.  As a life coach, my passion is to empower others to live out who God has made them in powerful ways.  And instead of getting John's story, I found myself being sucked in to how to create a life like John has created.  A life that is purposeful.  A life that is intentional.  A life that gives back to others.  A life that glorifies God by living out my life message. 

You see, this book is about more than John's story.  It's even about more than his calling.  It's a call for you and I to live our lives the way he has lived his.  To live with integrity.  To live with purpose.  To embrace who we are so that we can make a difference in God's kingdom.  To know ourselves so well that we don't just live for an ultimate job, but we learn to live for a life message.  A message that God has laid on our heart.  A message that we can't help sharing no matter where we go. 

One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

It all starts with knowing who you are, knowing who you're not and being disciplined enough with yourself that you don't weave in and out of your own lane as you're rolling forward. 

John Croyle

While the book traces John's story and the history of his ministry, it also calls each of us to live a life of purpose.  To not ignore who we are.  And to love and embrace who we are.  

John does this with some fundamental words.  He starts with focus.  Be who you are.  Drop who you aren't.  The word stand for becoming a person of integrity and trust.  Soar inspires us to live from today forward.  Let go of our past and realize that the road to success can start at any point in our lives. 

John continues to inspire with encouraging us to trust that God will provide what we need, Care by knowing that you are here to serve God's kingdom and multiply by making a difference in someone else's life. 

The biggest word for me CHOOSE.  If you've been reading the blog for a while you know that my original word for the year was choose.  Choose to follow God.  Choose my attitude.  Choose my life.  John's call to each of us is to create a life that is purposeful, and honoring, and that we love.  We get to choose who we become.  By our choice to follow God.  Our choice to make a difference.  Our choice to embrace who we are. 

Every word reminded me that God wired me for my purpose - a life message that I could share anywhere.  A life message that God is good.  A life message that God calls us to walk in faith.  A life message that in the middle of the everyday moments of our life, you and I can make a difference. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to say.  This book is super easy and fun to read.  There will be stories of changed lives of the kids John has ministered to.  There will be stories about the workers at the ranch (the organization John started).  And then, there will be your story.  

Recently, I pinned a quote.  It was something like it's your story...write well.  Together we get to create lives and a community that honors God and lives intentionally.  

Get a cup of hot cinnamon spice tea (it's my fave) , curl up, and have a good read of Who You Are.  You'll be inspired to live differently!  Happy reading!