Giveaway: Wellness Coaching

As a coach, I have learned what it means to be an expert on change.  I help people change their lives one step at a time.  And while I'm not an expert on any person's life, I can be the expert on how people change and how to challenge them with powerful questions to change. 

Oftentimes, since starting my training as a certified life coach, there have been areas of my life that need a little coaching themselves.  As I see myself staying stuck where I am, I know that I need to be own best life coach. 

Once of those areas is wellness.  You know, the eating right, exercising, taking time for self care wellness.  Clearly I've been stuck for some time and can't seem to really commit to making that change.  

I need a coach!  

Which is why I thought it was funny when my publicist friends sent me this book to giveaway on my blog.  A book on fitness.  And living well.  And living for God. 

So they sent this book.  I read it.  And now I get to give it away to one of you lucky readers.  The book is written by Kim Dolan Leto who is a fitness expert, writer and speaker.  She writes from a faith perspective - and is passionate about leading women to experience faith-inspired transformation.  

If you're anything like me, you are rolling your eyes and thinking not another diet book.  I know, I've been there.  How can I get healthy for good?  How can I make a sustainable change?  How can my outsides match my insides? 

I'm right there with you.  And to be honest, I opened this book with an eyebrow raised.  Would this book be the answers to all my problems with my couch potato life and the kitchen calling my name every five minutes?  The answer is yes and no. 

I loved the book for this reason:  Kim invites God right in the middle of our wellness.  Everything from how much we eat, to what we eat, and how we are eating are areas that we need to bring to God for his leading and guidance.  And while I sometimes pray over my meals, I rarely ask God what I should be eating. 

One of the best parts of the book is her focus on Romans 12:2 - literally can we transform our thinking towards the way we eat and exercise?  I love that resetting our thoughts is the key to being fit. 

So here's a snapshot of what you'll get with you read this book....

  • Ten great chapters on mixing your faith with your efforts to be healthy. 
  • Changing what you eat.  While Kim starts with getting rid of diets (and I've heard that one before), she supports eating God-made foods.  The kind of foods that come from animals and the ground, not the kind that come out of a factory.  To me, it makes sense. 
  • A whole chapter on renewing your mind regarding not only how you view food and exercise, but also how you see yourself and learning to see possibilities ahead one day at a time. 
  • F.I.T. Power hour which is devoting one hour a day to you.  Yes, I said you.  Included in the FIT power hour time for your soul, your mind, and your strength.  Take time each day to spend with God and spend on you in exercise.  LOVE the idea of this!
  • Details on workouts for transformation. 
  • Setting FAITH (Faith-filled, Accountable, Inspiriting, Time Based and measurable, and Healthy) goals.  Her one tip.  Don't just say I want to lose 10 pounds-you'll never get there.  Say I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 12 weeks.  More accountability more realism. 
  • A whole chapter on being real.  You will fall.  You will order that cheeseburger, or at least I will, I LOVE cheeseburgers.  But the real is the idea that this is a process.  It doesn't happen over night.  You'll face temptation.  It's a marathon, not a sprint. 
  • Each chapter has questions for you to process your own journey with food, exercise and wellness. 

I don't know about you, but I desperately need a change in this area of my life.  I need a coach.  And so, with a little help from my publicist friends, you and I can be our own coach.  We can take the next step and invite God into our wellness journey. 

AND SO.....

For the first time ever on the One Foot blog, a GIVEAWAY!  Yes, that's right!  A GIVEAWAY.  Comment on this blog or my Facebook post one thing that has helped you in your fitness journey or one area you need help in by April 3rd and you will be entered to win this copy of FIT (Faith Inspired Transformation).  

So comment now!  Before you forget!  And get started on your faith inspired transformation today!