Stepping Away From Perfection

When I was young, perfection was an A+.  If I wrote my paper perfectly.  If I cleaned my room perfectly.  If I interacted perfectly with my best friend next door.  

All these "ifs"  added up to approval!  A well-done Danielle!  A feeling that I was right with the world, and if I'm honest, a feeling that I could finally feel right about myself.  

I don't know about you, but my need to do things perfectly came from a deep-seated need to be pleasing.  And my deep-seated need to be pleasing came from a feeling that I was not quite right on the inside.  

What they didn't tell me when I was young was that no one can sustain perfection.  Because of our human condition, we were made for imperfection.  We were made to be messy.  We were made to learn from our mistakes.  We were made to be real.  

And deep down, some our perfectionistic tendencies come from a place of fear.  Fear of not being accepted.  Fear of someone seeing the "real" us - the us that can't sustain being right.  The us that is afraid that we are truly not all right.  

For me, this comes out in my need to wait until everything is done perfectly.  In my business, I wait until the business card, brochure, power point, or sales pitch is perfect.  If it's not perfectly put together, I'm waiting on putting myself our there. 

In the rest of my life, it comes with waiting for the perfect time.  Or until I feel confident.  

The reality is that there will never be a perfect moment.  My brochure will never be perfect.  My business cards will always need tweaking.  

And even more of a reality, God does his best work through our imperfections.  

We learn by doing things imperfectly. We learn what works and what doesn't.  We learn humility from hearing our sales pitch needs work.  We learn acceptance of ourselves when we realize no amount of praise will ever satisfy and bring confidence.  Only a love for the way God made us can bring confidence.  

And so, I've been challenged.  I've been thinking about something for a while, but haven't quite made the leap.  What if I did a podcast?  A podcast on courage.  A podcast on stepping into your calling and purpose.  A podcast demonstrating that life is messy and imperfection is a gift. 

My first thought:  I have no idea how to do a podcast, what to talk about, and if anyone will listen.  My continuing thoughts: I need to know more about doing a podcast.  I need the name of the podcast to be perfect.  I need the vision for the podcast to be perfect.  I need to be perfect. 

Our fears of being imperfect will keep us from God's dreams for us.  

So, I'm going to start a podcast.  There are resources like the podcast answer man.  And then there is that famous Nike phrase:  "JUST DO IT!"  

Nope, I have no idea what I'm doing.  Nope, I have no idea if anyone will listen.  But as a gesture of good faith, I've made my podcast cover (for now) and here it is for you, my people to see....


And when you're done looking it over, know that it's imperfect.  The name may change.  They concept may change.  The graphic may change. 

Do you know what will stay the same?  My heart to live an open and imperfect life.  My knowledge that when life is messy, life is good.  And my desire to help others let go of our fears of imperfection and embrace all that God has for us! 

Before I go, I'd love to hear what you think of imperfection and what God may be asking you to step out and do imperfectly?  Let's do it together!