My One Word Update 2015

Many of you know that I pick one word for each year.  It started with ENOUGH.  Moved to SAVOR.  And this year, I announced my word would be CHOOSE. 

I wrote a month or two ago that God has hijacked my word.  To be honest, I thought CHOOSE was a good word.  A sturdy word, if you will.  In this year, I intended to choose to believe God, I was going to choose to follow God, and I was going to choose how I was going to show up in the world. 

It was perfectly fine.  Everything was going along great.  Until I received some coaching in a practice session.  And the question Why does it have to make sense at all?  was posed.  Do I really need to have everything all figured out to move forward?  Does everything thing I'm doing in this year of leaping without a net really have to make sense? 

I've left my job without another.  I started my own business with no prior experience.  I am trusting God to provide clients, and payment, and inspiration. 

I've read about a few people who moved forward without life making sense....

  • Noah who started building the ark before there was a drop of water in the land. 
  • Moses who left farming to lead the Israelites who really didn't want a leader after a burning bush told him to. 
  • Israelites who painted their door posts with the blood of a lamb for protection. 
  • Israelites who stepped foot in the Red Sea before the waters receded so they could get across and escape the Egyptians. 
  • Joshua whose battle plan included walking around the city of Jericho for seven straight days.
  • Gideon who reduced his army to 300 to defeat the Midianites. 

I could do on and on.  But it leaves me with one question:  Why do I insist on my life making sense when it is clear that God calls others to that same nonsense life?  God does His best work in the midst of what seems like nonsense to the world. 

The Biblical examples that have gone before us trusted God and moved forward even when it didn't make sense.  And that is what God will call you and I to as well.  When it makes sense we can get the glory.  When it doesn't make sense, only God can receive the glory for the this ridiculously crazy glorious thing He has done.  

So I changed my one word to NONSENSE

For me, only God can send me referrals before I've ever advertised my business.  Only God can provide for my expenses when I have no idea where my next check will come from.  

What about you?  What ridiculously crazy thing is God calling you to?  What impossible thing is He telling you to do? 

BY the way, sometimes the thing that doesn't make sense is staying right where you are.  Doing the thing we are already doing.  

I can't tell you what that thing is.  My job is to do the next thing.  That thing I don't have all figured out.  That thing I wish I felt like I was an expert in.  That thing I wish I was confident in.  

My newest thing....a podcast. 

Episode 1 has been published, complete with um's and ah's and yes a very strange hello at the beginning.  Why?  Because I haven't figured out how to edit in Garage Band.  

That's okay.  God's already told me I don't have it all figured out to move forward! 

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