Good Friday and Giveaway Winner

Today does not feel like today.  For the first time, I am working at home, relaxing with my dog, and preparing to celebrate Easter.  

Just a year ago, I was preparing for a weekend of ministry.  The Super Bowl of church ministry.  I was coordinating greeters, and Easter gifts for visitors, and volunteers. 

This year, I've got the Green Bean Casserole and of course, the promised Giveaway Winner of the F.I.T. book.  

I love the relaxed pace as I move toward Easter.  Time to prepare my heart.  Time to prepare my schedule.  Time to get ready to meet Jesus.  

The truth is...I had the time to prepare last year too.  I just didn't.  I let my busyness get the best of me.  I was so busy doing the work of Jesus, that I couldn't make time for the work of Jesus in me. 

Where are you today?  Are you busy prepping Easter baskets, dying eggs, and getting the ham that you've forgotten to prepare your heart? 

I know I have.  Today is Good Friday.  A day we remember the cost of our faith.  A day where we reflect on the sacrifices Jesus made so that we could know Him and have our sin paid for.  A day that reminds us that God is love and joy, all the while holy and righteous. 

So today, I want to do more than work.  Today I want to remember.  Today I want to prepare my heart to meet Jesus tonight at our Good Friday service and Sunday at our Easter celebration.  Today, I want to realize that I choose busyness and I can just as easily choose to slow down and prepare my heart. 

Today, I want to reflect the heart of Jesus. 

And with that, and a horrible segue, I'd like to give the gift of life change to our giveaway winner. 

And the winner is.....

Barbara Dordahl!!!!  (Barbara, I will message you offline and get your mailing address!)

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!