Children's Book Giveaway

Ever since I discovered that I was a writer, I've been wanting to write a children's book.  Not just any children's book, mind you.  The main character of course would be my dog Moose.  Furry, lovable Moose.  (Oh, that was Grover).  

Moose has many antics and if you've been a reader of this blog for sometime you're familiar with the fact that Moose is a little dog with a big personality.  There have been many posts about Moose running away or as he would call it "taking himself for a walk".  He has been described as a runner.  He's run down the street on friends, and neighbors, and yes, even the pizza man, who had to chase after him one night.  Don't worry, I gave him an extra tip! 

He's chased bunnies and voles and other such varmints in the yard. 

In fact, he'd be perfect for the starring role in my children's books. 

The Pirate and the Firefly

The Pirate and the Firefly

Which is why I always jump at the chance to review a kids book.  I don't have any kids per se, but I love to see what other books look like and I love to let you know that there are great books out there that teach your kids God's perspective in a fun way. 

One such book is my latest request for a review....The Pirate and the Firefly.  I've gotta be honest. Not a huge fan of the pirates.  I mean they carry sharp weapons, do a little growling, and in most cases they are up to no good!  

But this book takes a different turn.  It's all about one little boy who had a choice to make.  A choice between following friends (pirates) who made bad decisions or becoming the captain and following God.  

Based on Psalm 1:1-3, a firefly counsels our main character to seek wisdom from God and His Word and allow God to be our best friend. 

Written by authors Tara McClary Reeves & Amanda Jenkins, who have written together before and formed a special friendship when Tara's son, Daniel, battled leukemia.  Their passion is to help children apply Biblical truths and equip their parents to focus and depend upon the Lord for all things. 

Included in the back of the book is a devotional activity for parents and kids to do together to deepen their understanding of the lesson in this book. 

Here's what I love about this book:  It's a reminder that God's Word has the wisdom we need.  Whether we are a little boy pretending to be a pirate or a grown up trying to navigate the ups and downs of life, we all need the wisdom that only God and His Word provide. 

One foot faith is a faith the relies on God's Word for wisdom on a daily basis.  And I trust, that as you and I walk in faith, we will learn to rely on God for His wisdom for our everyday situations. 

So, now to the giveaway part.  This book is based on Psalm 1:1-3.  Simply comment on the blog or my Facebook page with your fave Bible verse to be entered to win this copy of The Pirage and the Firefly. If you don't have a kiddo, consider winning for a friend, a grandchild, or your local children's ministry.  Praying that we can all be a blessing to the kids in our lives!