Crossing The Finish Line On Your Goals

When was the last time you did some goal setting?  You know, take a day and set goals to accomplish in the next year.  For me, it's been since I've had a boss at the church. 

Most days, my goal is to get up and get going!  And if you're anything like me, sometimes goals prove to be elusive.  It could be because you never set them.  Guilty!  Or because life gets in the way.  Guilty again!  Or you just never see any progress so you give up. 

The really fun thing is I set a major goal just over a year ago.  I set out to become a coach.  A life coach, that is.  To be honest, it wasn't one of those go away for a day and set some goals kind of goal.  It was a God is leading and this is the next step goal. 

So, in May of 2015, I signed up to learn more about being a life coach.  I registered for the first introductory class.  And then, God interrupted my comfy cozy life. 

Quit your job.  Start a new business or two.  Take coaching class.  

To be honest, my life has been a whirlwind since I signed up for that class.  Change.  Change. And then some more change. 

But last Saturday, I gathered my posse and went to my graduation as a Master Certified Coach. After hundreds of hours of coursework and homework and practice, I was certified in mastery.  

As I gathered just a fraction of those of you who have supported me along the way (I wish I could have invited you all), I gave my final presentation on the things coaching has taught me and where I was going from here.   It all came down to one thing....


It takes courage to set a goal.  And it takes courage to accomplish a goal.  The bravest thing you and I can do is accomplish the goals we set.  The brave part is continuing to pursue that goal even though it feels like you're treading water.  The brave part is to keep going when everything in you wants to quit. 

I cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment when you reach that goal - surrounded my loved ones who have been cheering you on.  There's nothing like it.  

Our coaching class

Our coaching class

So how do we accomplish our goals?  How do we even push through the in-between starting toward a goal and finishing? 

Take The Next Step

All it takes is the next step.  The next step typically isn't accomplishing the goal - there are so many steps in-between.  The next step is usually following that nudge.  The next step is a baby step.  It could be gathering information, attending a class, reaching out to a new friend for coffee, being still before God.   

In coaching, we have this tool called the Perspective Wheel.  You start will a goal or intention.  Then you divide a circle into 8 pie slices.  Then, you start putting different options in each pie slice.  Your next step is to evaluate, "How willing am I to start doing this?"  Those items that you are most willing to do are your next steps.  The idea here is that your next step isn't quitting your job and starting afresh.  (Do as I say, not as I do).  But your next step could be learning more about the change you want to make, doing research or just attending one class. 

Taking the next step is brave and scary.  But it's the only way to get there.  Just one foot...just saying. 

Gather Your Posse

To be honest, I never would have made it without the support of my friends and family.  People who love me.  People who want what's best for me.  People who believe in me.  That's what you need too!  Whether your goal is big and scary or just a little something you've always wanted to do, you need others to walk with you and cheer you on. 

Basically, you need a circle of support.  Those people who love and encourage you.  The person who supports you.  The one who nurtures you.  The one who fiercely reminds you of who you are and who you were made to be.  Gather those people.  If you don't have them, find them.  Step out and meet new friends.  Initiate with some acquaintances and get to know them better.  Draw people into your circle of support to help you accomplish those goals. 

Enjoy Your Moments

Life is about moments.  It's about enjoying the here and now - not waiting for the accomplishment of a goal to start living.   I have a wise friend who would always encourage me that the journey is the reward.  You and I, we can get so focused on getting to the finish line that we forget to appreciate what's happening on the road to the finish line.  

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my coach training experience.  I met new friends.  I worked on me.  And I listened for God to speak to me as my business developed.  And in the end, I enjoyed the moments of learning more about how God has wired me and how He is calling me to make a difference through my gifts, personality, and passions. 

Enjoy your moments today. 

In the end, accomplishing goals takes work.  It takes perseverance.  It takes faith that God is working behind the scenes in the in-between even when it seems like nothing is happening. It takes support.  It takes realizing that you are not your goal, but you can do great things when you accomplish them.  

One foot faith finds their goals and sets them with their Creator.  One foot faith walks toward their goals even when it feel like they'll never get there.  One foot faith enjoys the ride just as much as accomplishing their goals.  And that makes all the difference.   

Confidently walking toward my goals with you...