Stop Shrinking Back

It's been a month now.  A month of showings.  A month of checking on my house.  A month of watching the weeds and the squirrel who keep digging in my potted plants.  Knock it off squirrel!

In truth, I thought I'd been done with this phase by now.  You know, God called me to sell my house.  So within days I would have a buyer and on my way to unpacking and putting my life back together.  A month later, we sit and we wait and we listen to others pick apart my baby -   my home for over 10 years.  

Amidst all this waiting are big problems.  I had a few issues when we replaced the carpeting.  A little dampness on the cement and damage to the door frames in my lower level.  This area is right where that scoundrel Moose used to do his business.  Ahem! (He's lucky he's cute!)

i chalked it up to Moose, but my realtor wanted to be thorough.  We should double check to make sure you don't have a leak.  Let's peek under the carpeting and fix the door frames.  

To be honest, I was not the picture of calm and serenity.  Thoughts of digging up my concrete to find a leak ran through my head.  Also in my head were thoughts of bankruptcy and never selling my house.  

In essence, I was shrinking back.  

I didn't really think it was shrinking back.  I thought of it as being realistic.  I was making sure God really told me to sell my house, right?  

And then I opened Facebook.  I know, I should have been opening my BIble.  Or sending out a prayer request.  But after a night of crying, I opened my Facebook.  Funny, God shows up just where you need him - even on Facebook. 

One of my fave authors - Jennie Allen - had posted an article.  And excerpt, if you will, from her book Restless.  You know the book I reviewed right here on the blog.  The BIble Study I led before I left my job at the church.  All this to say, you'd think I'd remember the concept. 

What is the concept you ask?  We are not to shrink back.  Taken from Hebrews 10:39 which says, "But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved." Yep, hit my right between the eyes. 

And although i hadn't labeled it this way, I was shrinking back.  Shrinking back from believing God.  Shrinking back from persevering when all seems lost.  Shrinking back from the hard work of investigating and fixing damage and trusting God with the financials. Shrinking back from living out of boxes and waiting on God's timing.  

Which brings me to my question for you....what are you shrinking back from?  It is staying in a job that's frustrating.  Is it looking for a new job because you're resisting the change?  Does it involve your relationships with your spouse or your children?  Does it include serving in a new ministry?  Or reaching out to build a new friendship? 

Whatever it is, it takes courage.  Courage to not shrink back when it feels like you've lost your way.  Faith to not shrink back when it seems like God has forgotten you.  Perseverance when it seems like there is nothing happening.  My friends, God is always at work - even when you can hear the crickets chirping. 

That verse was a salve to my aching soul.  God has not forgotten.  God is in this.  My job is to not shrink back and to walk in faith.  

What is your "job" today?  What is God calling you to do with that thing you keep shrinking back from?  Step out in faith.  Do some research.  Commit it to prayer.  Share with a trusted friend. 

Whatever it is - it takes courageous faith.  One foot faith does not shrink back.  Period.  One foot faith belongs to those who have faith and are saved.  One foot faith takes one courageous step after another toward God and His plan. 

We all shrink back.  Let's build a community where we can encourage each other not to shrink back.  I'd love to pray for you in your own shrinking back moments!  Comment here or on Facebook and let's do this thing together!