The Secret to Seeing Lovely

Day 2 of my looking for lovely  challenge has arrived.  How did you do yesterday?  Were you able to find just one lovely thing in your life? 

To be honest, I love the concept of this.  But the actual practice can sometimes be hard to do.  It's not that you and I don't have lovely in our lives.  For me, it's that most days seem very routine, don't they?  We get up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to bed.  What's lovely about that? 

Day 1 was like this for me.  It was routine.  It was ordinary.  I went to work (in my home office), fed the dog, and ate breakfast.  And then, I took a break to attend a church meeting at Starbucks in the afternoon. 

Now I'm a what's next kind of girl.  I'm always looking ahead.  What's next on my agenda?  Who am I meeting with next?  You get the idea....

So I arrive at Starbucks and I'm preparing my ordering speech.  Since my sudden onset food allergy, I've had to prepare a speech. 

I'd like a Grande Mocha with coconut milk, no whip...

As a low maintenance girl who doesn't like to ask for special orders this whole concept is killing me! 

I don't even really look at the barista.  I just want to get my speech out.  I was focused on getting my coffee and preparing for my next meeting. 

The thing is, the barista looked at me.  He stopped me in my tracks with a simple, "How is your day going?" (enter that screeching sound of a needle going across a record)

Within moments, I stopped looking ahead and began to be present in this moment. 

My day was going well.  The conversation turned to what do I do and the barista and I had a nice conversation about life coaching and working in your passion.  That's what I get to do everyday.  The fun stuff of coaching and writing in my passion. 

Before I knew it, my ordinary day and turned out to be quite lovely.  Instead of focusing on what's ahead, I found lovely in the here and now.  

Talking to a stranger was lovely....

Realizing that I get to help women find and pursue their God-given purpose was lovely...

Realizing that I have opportunities to use my gifts and talents every day for God's kingdom was lovely....

It wasn't so hard at all to find the lovely, once I knew where to look. 


We find the lovely by being present. We find lovely by staying in the moment we are in.  We find lovely by resting and standing still.  

Not yet engaging in my Looking For Lovely Challenge yet?  Or want to check out my sermon on contentment and looking for lovely?  Just see below.  That's how easy I can make it. 

We all need to see more lovely in our lives, don't we?  And while I loved the opportunity of speaking at church on Sunday, what I love even more hearing that together, we are looking for lovely.   

I'm an over achiever and so I found one more lovely from yesterday.  My pastor is taking the challenge.  I have no idea how to put an emoji here, but it would be the schocked smiley face!  Yes, I attend a small church plant and yes I've known him for years, but so excited to inspire others to journey with me as we look for lovely everyday.  

How about you?  Are you still in?  I'd love to hear what lovely things you are seeing in your everyday life?  Post a comment here or on the One Foot Coaching Facebook page!