Finding Lovely in Completion

Today has been one of those days.  Full with doctor appointments, phone conversations with co-workers, and I might add - a little nap to prepare for tonight's festivities.  

It's Day 3 of my looking for lovely challenge.  I've heard from many who are finding lovely in food, in their families, and in the pure goodness of everyday life.  

The funny thing about lovely is that it happens all around us, everyday.  It's not that we didn't have lovely before.  It's that we didn't press pause long enough to look for it.  

Today, is a different kind of day for me.  I've been serving this year in children's ministry.  And while I've enjoyed parts of it - it's been hard and challenging.  (For more on that story, click here to read my original blog post For When It's Hard)

You see, the kids have been great.  My partner-in-crime co-director has been great.  The leaders have been great.  But something about my role exposes that I'm not quite wired for this.  Even more, it exposes that I'm not quite okay with myself.  

So I wanted to quit. Stop cold turkey.  Walk out the door.  Never look back.


Until my partner-in-crime gave me a pep talk.  Until I realized that God's people do hard things. Until I realized that everything is hard until it gets easier.  

Until I realized we encounter lovely by doing hard things. 

So I pressed on.  I chose to be faithful to be commitment instead of giving up.  I chose to show up to my calling even when it was hard.  I chose to make my service less about me and more about God and kids and people. 

Throughout the year, there was lovely.  There was lovely in smiling faces of kiddos.  There was lovely in parents who thanked us because their kids who are between the ages of 5-7 were memorizing God's Word.  There was lovely in kids having a place to have fun and learn about Jesus. 

And today, there is lovely because each one of us who served this year can say we completed our service this year in faithfulness.  Even when it was hard.  Even when we were tired.  Even when we would have rather stayed home and watched Chicago Fire.  We went and served and well, quite frankly were blessed. 

Can you relate at all?  Have you ever served in the hard?  Have you ever found lovely in your hard?  Have you ever realized that everything is hard until it get's easy?  Have you discovered that some of our loveliest moments come when life is hard? 

That's what I'm thinking today.  I am thankful for God's grace today.  A grace that kept me faithful in my weak moments when I wanted to give up.  A grace that is helping me see the lovely in the journey of serving Him even when it's hard. 

What's your story of finding the lovely in the hard things of life?  I'd love to hear from you.  Comment here or on the One Foot Coaching Facebook page...

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