The Secret to Contentment

I'm attending a new church now.   By late 2015, it was clear that God was calling me to change.  To start something new.  To say hello by saying goodbye of sorts. 

With this new church, comes new responsibilities.  My new church is a church plant.  And because the lead pastor and I are friends, he knows the gifts and talents I bring to the table.  And so, I've been asked to teach.  About contentment. 

Have I mentioned I'm not sure I've discovered, like the apostle Paul,  the secret of being content?  

I mean, I like my life today, but I find myself....



...................................................Longing for more...........................


I'm wondering if you get me?   Do you find yourself thinking your life is not bad, but if I could just have a little more of XX, everything would be great?  I don't know where you are at, but I have a list.  You may have guessed, prince charming is on there.  Also on there - a successful business.  A more outgoing personality to build said business.  More speaking engagements to continue to do what I love.  Less obsession with food.  Better furniture.  A dog who doesn't poop in the house (yes, this is a sophisticated blog)

What is your thing?  What is the thing or list of things that would allow you to be satisfied with all life has to offer?  In my research, I heard this little equation....


God + _______ = I have enough/I am enough 

I'm not gonna lie.  That one hurt.  What would you put in the blank?  Is God enough to fill you?  To give you joy?  To provide contentment? 

Back to my teaching gig.  I did what any girl would do who had no idea how to be content, I went to the bookstore in search of resources.  The only book I found was titled, When Women Think Too Much. 

I took that as a personal message from God to stop overthinking and start praying for what God wanted to say. 

Today, I'm working on developing/writing my talk outline.  I'm a doer, you see.  My original thoughts centered around what you and I need to do to be content.  For those of you who need the list, here they are.  Kill comparisons.  Be present in your life.  Trust God with his plan. 

There's your to-dos. 

But here's the thing.  The secret to contentment doesn't come from what you do, it comes from resting in who God made you to be.  Paul himself said that he learned to be content through Christ's strength. 

My talk content has changed, because the secret to being content it not about our actions but about our hearts.  

Learning contentment is learning how to realize that we enough just as God made us.  Learning contentment is realizing that we are called to the life we are already living.  Learning contentment is seeing the beautiful in what God is doing in your life and mine today.  Learning contentment is embracing the idea that...

God + Me = Enough

To be honest, I'm not quite there.  My knee jerk reaction is to want to add something to the equation so that I can be enough.  Enough for myself.  Enough for others.  Enough for God. 

The truth is that contentment is ours for the taking if we can open our eyes, trust God with His plan, and realize we are enough just as we are.