5 Resources for Living Your Best LIfe

I've become a bit of a brand evangelist lately.  You know, that person who can't stop talking about this new product they love.  They tell everyone they know to buy.  Or listen.  Or read.  

To be honest, I'm not typically like this.  I tend to play it cool.  That book kind of spoke to me.  That product was fun.  But not really so pushy.  

Until lately. 

For some reason, I have some things that I'm loving and I can't wait to tell others. One of them is a podcast (see # 5 below).  The host on the podcast asks every guest the 3 things they're loving in life right now.  And while I'm not a guest one her podcast, I knew I had to let you know about all of these things.  

In other words, if you don't already know about them, you should! 

1. Looking For Lovely

Please click here all about my passion for Looking for Lovely, a book by Annie F. Downs.   This book is an easy read and was life changing for me as it encouraged me to see the lovely in my own life.  Most life changing for me was to start seeing the lovely in myself.  I'm on a journey people!  And have realized my struggle to be content in my own life comes from not being content with me.  

Got your interest piqued?  Pick up a copy today or join us for our One Foot Coaching Bible Study this summer starting June 14th.  You guessed it!  We're going through the Bible study and adding coaching tools for application. Want to join us for this Bible study?  Register Here

2. Colossians: A Both Feet In Bible Study

I know I'm not supposed to brag about my own work, but... I loved this study.  And even more, I loved studying with 13 other women as we dug into the book of Colossians together.  With the help of my friend Sue, we were able to develop a study, write life coaching tools based on the Bible, and bring the book of Colossians to life.  Interested in gathering your own peeps and studying together over the summer?  I'm in the process of getting it printed for another group and would love to add your group to the list.  Contact me here.  

 3. Clarity Church

Many of you know I've decided to attend a new church.  Don't get me wrong.  I loved my last church and the friendships I made there.  But there was just something about Clarity when I spoke there in November and just felt that God was asking me to make a change.  I've always been drawn to being part of a church plant.  Clarity is a church plant and I've loved being a part of living on mission with others, focusing on those disconnected from God on Sunday mornings, and the challenge to stop making all of life about me.  I've been challenged in my faith, what I believe about God, and making the Gospel central in not only what we do as a church, but in my own personal life.  Already have a church you love?  Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and trusting God to grow you and your faith at the same time in some other way. 

4. The Lead Stories Podcast

I'll admit it.  I jumped on the podcast bandwagon a little late.  But I am highly addicted.  And this one in particular is worth the listen.  Hosted by two local MN pastor gals, they cover everything on leadership, learning from Jesus' example, and navigating leadership skills.  Even though their pastors, this podcast is for anyone who leads anywhere.  At home.  At work.  At church.  They are super fun and I've learned so much about leading my own business from their discussion.   Check out the podcast here

5. The Happy Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey

This is the best thing you are not listening to.  I'm just saying.  I listen to this one when I walk Moose around the neighborhood.  Each episode has Jamie (who is super fun and I want to sit on her porch and drink tea with her) having a a conversation with one of her friends (most of whom you may have heard of).  Topics include life, motherhood, adoption, buying with a mission, leading, and much more.  Seriously so fun!  

Well that's it.  Those are the things I'm loving right now.  And yes, I'm pretending to be a guest on Jamie's show so I can answer that question.  

But I know you'd love these things too.  So click on the pictures for a link to their websites and then let me know the things you're loving too!  I'd love to hear from you.