Book Review: The Prince Warriors

Several months ago, my church was offering a new women's Bible study, The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer.  To be honest, I wasn't that excited about it at first.  

Don't get me wrong.  It's a good topic for a study.  But I had studied the armor of God before (Ephesians 6), and I wasn't sure I was wanting another.  

But I signed up anyway, and 7 weeks later I was profoundly glad I had taken a chance on this study.  Some great things I learned: 

  • There's a spiritual battle waging.  God is greater than anything the enemy attempts
  • We need a strong core of God's truth (His opinion on any matter)
  • Thanksgiving activates peace
  • Standing firm is about moving forward
  • A reminder to take every thought captive to Christ

There was so much more - if you haven't done the study...check it out!   But this is a review of another book...

Ahem.  So getting back to the The Prince Warriors.  When my PR friends e-mailed and asked if I would review The Prince Warriors by Priscilla and Gina Detwiler, my first reaction was YES!  Loved The Armor of God.  I can't wait to read a fiction book on the armor of God and Prince Warriors. 

Then I realized, um, the book is written for tweens.  Most of the characters are young boys.  That's not exactly my audience for this blog. 

And then I realized, my people know tween boys.  They know people who have tween boys.  And hello?  It's Priscilla. 

So I took them up on it and got to read this delightful book about the armor of God, spiritual battles, and the faithfulness of God. (For those of you have a young lady, there is one young princess amongst the characters)

The young kids Xavier, Evan, Levi, and Brianna are transported into another world.  A world where there is armor that fits each of them perfectly and a battle raging.  The kids are declared princes and one princess and then given their first mission. 

The other world is accessed in different ways for each of the kids.  But to get to the cave where their armor is stored, they must travel through difficulty and struggle.  From wind storm to falling trees, they must brave the bad to get to what's good.  

Once there, they meet their guide Ruwach who instructs them to... 

Follow the way of the armor. It will lead you down the right path.
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines your path
Lean not on your own understanding
— The Prince Warriors

They are each given their own pathway to follow to get to the castle of truth.  Some follow the instructions that their magical armor gives them.  Others do not.  One requires a rescue because he chose his own path instead of the path laid out for him. 

Once they finish their paths and rescue, they are transported to the place they started.  The rec center in their town.  What I love is that they bring the truths they learned is this other world home.  They become more loving.  They learn to trust what God has laid in front of them.  They are changed by their own experience with the armor of God.

Eventually they are called back to this other world for a new mission.  They are called to save a prisoner who needs to be set free.  

As an adult woman, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I loved the adventure of another world.  I loved the guide who was a little quirky and the new adventures that awaited these kids. 

Even more, I loved the life lessons that spoke to me.  It made me wonder how often I choose to get off the path that my own armor of God tells me to take?  I wonder how often I question and disobey when God's plan for me is right before me?  I am often tempted to quit when it gets tough and I'm in the middle of a storm. 

I was challenged because our faith is deep, and rich and meaningful.  I was challenged because so often faith requires that we lean not on our own understanding, but trust God because He is bigger.  I was challenged because the path before us can seem scary and yet God walks with us.  I was challenged because I am tempted to disobey and lean on my own understanding every day instead of leaning into God. 

How about you?  Can we choose to let our faith be bigger than our fear?  Can we choose to live not as prisoners but freed women?  Can we trust that when we guard our hearts with God's truth because it determines our path?

In case it's not clear, I highly recommend it for you and maybe, once you're finished, your tween.  

I'd love to hear back from you once you've read it.  What was your favorite part?