The Secret to Finding Strength In Your Storms

Do you ever feel like the storms and trials in your life are just too much?  I'm leading this Bible study this summer here at One Foot and it's all about persevering in the face of suffering. 

I don't know about you, but I don't like the suffering part.  I like to quit on my trials.  Easy is always better.  Until it's not. 

The point the study is making so far is that suffering develops perseverance.  Perseverance develops our character.  And building character leads to hope.  And we all need hope.  

This week's homework ended with a study on anchors.  It's not symbolism - it's exactly what you pictured.  That heavy metal thing that keeps a boat in place.  

The author of our study had us study Paul's shipwreck in which the crew of that ship dropped anchors in the middle of a storm.  To keep them in one place.  To make sure they weren't swept away.  To help them persevere through the raging storm around them. 

This metaphor of sorts has stuck with me.  This word picture of having an anchor in life when the world around me gets stormy.  

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
— Hebrews 6:19a

Each week, I am asking the ladies in the study to think about something they need to persevere in.  It could be a troubled relationship or a job that's hard to go to each day or a healthy living plan or a time of leaning into emotions and mental health.  Whatever it is, we are committing to persevering and finding hope in this area of our life. 

The secret to leaning in and staying the course and finding strength is identifying an anchor.  That thing that will keep you grounded.  That idea that will remind you of who you are and who God is in your life.  That person that gives you the strength to keep going when you'd rather give up.  

Real Life Anchors

What is an anchor in real, everyday life?  It's more than this heavy steel piece that we drop in deep waters.  We talk a lot about anchors in life coaching.  I often encourage my clients to choose an anchor or reminder of who they want to be and become.  They often choose something visual or a song or really anything that will remind them of the goal they are choosing today.  

Who do they want to become?  What goal are they wanting to set?  How can live out their faith intentionally? 

My own anchors have included a pendant that signifies who I want to be.  For instance, a couple of years ago I bought a blue foot necklace.  It reminds me not only of my vision for One Foot Coaching but also of the fact that I want to be a woman who steps out in faith and trusts God enough to be obedient in the easy and the hard. 

An anchor can also be a Bible verse that reminds you of God's truth.  A favorite quote to remind you who you want to be.  A song that gives your strength when you hear it and sing it.  A place you want to frequent because it nourishes you in hard times. 

An anchor keeps your steady when the world around you is going crazy. 

How To Use An Anchor

Once you've picked an anchor, how do you use it?  You keep it visible.  For a piece of jewelry, you wear it.  For a Bible verse, you post it in a place you will always see it.  (Your car.  Your bathroom mirror.  Your fridge.)

And you press pause on your life when you see your anchor long enough to consider the reminder to your life.  You choose to be present with your anchor.  You choose to remember the significance you assigned to it.  You pause long enough to remind yourself that this idea, verse, song, place gives you the strength to see God working.  You use it to remind yourself that suffering produces perseverance which produces character which produces a hope that does not disappoint. 

Let The Anchor Do It's Work

In my own recent journey in learning to persevere, I'd rather not stand still.  I want to keep moving.  I want to be done with my current place of trial and persevering.  I'd rather move on from my current anchor. 

But sometimes, you and I, we need to be still.  For your anchor to have the power to change you from the inside out, sometimes we get to sit with our anchor for a while.  We keep focusing on the same lesson learned.  We sit in the same place as God speaks to our hearts.  We let God do the heavy lifting while we allow Him to whisper His truth to our hearts and souls. 

There is power in letting our anchor do what it was designed to.  Your anchor will keep you tethered when everything else is moving.  Your anchor will ask you to sit still and allow God to be your teacher.  Your anchor will help you stay strong when you'd rather quit and run out of the storm. 

The name of our study is Looking For Lovely.  It's the whole idea that persevering and using your anchor will lead you to places you could never imagined.  Your life will be changed.  You will begin to look for lovely things in your life in the midst of your storms.  You will begin to change because this time you didn't quit.  You will become someone who knows that strength comes from finding Jesus himself to be the best anchor of all.   

I'd love to hear about your anchors in the past and the one you picked for today?  Comment here or send me an e-mail.