Three Steps To Starting Something New

When it comes to starting something new, I'm a late adapter.  You see, there are those who are early adapters.  These are those people with no fears.  They love new things.  They have no fears in making mistakes.  They embrace the fact that failure leads to success.  

Then, there's those mid-adapters.  They wait for a few people to hop on the band wagon.  They wait and watch a few people figure it out and then they jump in.  They may not make as many mistakes as the early adapters, but are comfortable with the trial and error stuff.  

Neither of these is me.  For those who can't do, they research.  They read up on it.  They become an expert so that they can do the thing right.  That's me. 

How about you?  Where do you fall in trying new things?  Are you an early adapter?  Mid?  Late adapter/learner?  

So Snapchat falls in this category.  One, I'm old.  Isn't Snapchat for the young peeps?  And then, I'm not so good at the on the fly videos and pictures.  Rounding out my good reasons is how many social media channels can a girl keep up with?  

To make a long story short, I was at a graduation party on Sunday and the subject of Snapchat came up at least three times if not more.  Was I on snapchat?  Have I ever tried it?  It's fun, they said.  You should try it.  They even enticed me with "I'll be your Snapchat friend."

All this came to a head when my young friend (think late middle school) volunteered to get me all set up and be my very first Snapchat friend.  I couldn't resist.  I would try something new, even if I had no idea what I was doing.  

The Benefits of Trying Something New

There are many benefits from trying new things.  First and foremost, it helps you and I break out of a rut and increase our creativity.  Not necessarily creativity like drawing things, but our creativity can be problem solving, writing, approaching problems and solutions in every day life and more.  

In addition, trying new things can help us appreciate ourselves and our lives, as well as, build our own self confidence.  Who doesn't want more of that stuff? 

Lastly, trying new things helps us grow.  We don't grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually by doing the same things day after day.  Mixing it up a bit can help us keep growing as a person and becoming the best version of ourself. 

Present Over Perfect

I'll confess to you right now, I'm a perfecter.  I like to do things right the first time.  I want to know what I'm doing from the get go.  I'd prefer to not have to experiment with something new when I already know my routine and what to expect. 

One of the values of trying new things for me is the experience of learning to let go of perfect.  I'm human.  And sometimes, perfect isn't the ideal.  Sometimes engaging in that new thing helps me to remember that being present with my people is more important than mastering Snapchat before I use it.  Sometimes God uses new things to remind me that I am loved and accepted just as I am - not for being an expert at something - but for being me.  

Trying something new has helped me to realize that at the end of the day I want to be present and collect the moments that matter.  I want to see the lovely things in my life.  I want to enjoy moments with friends and enjoy moments when success looks like engaging instead of perfection. 

God's Interruptions

Lastly, trying new things gets me out there.  When I try new things, I experience new people.  When I try new things, I experience my old people in a new way.  I get to engage the life that God is calling me to.  I get to connect with people and grow my relationships. 

To be honest, new things are hard.  It takes courage to be willing to make mistakes in trying a new thing.  It is brave to say I will seek out new things.  It takes perseverance to say you are willing to try a new thing and stick with it.  

You know what else it takes?  It takes a heart that is willling to have fun, to find joy in life, and trust God that the new things are seasons that He changes for us.  

Maybe you're new thing was thrust upon you. Maybe you're new thing is harder than you ever expected it to be.  It could be scary or exciting.  But sometimes God is waiting for us on the other side of our new things.  

One Foot Coaching is built upon the idea that we build our courage to try to new things.  God has met me at each new thing.  And as I learn to let go of perfect and pursue present with my people and my life, I find that each new thing brings me closer to being the person I long to be. 

I'd love to challenge you to try something new with me.  Let me know what you're new thing is in the comments here or via e-mail.  I'd love to hear from you.