When You Want To Help Others

I met her for the first time over the phone.  She was energetic.  And dynamic.  And had a powerful story.  My friend at church had "set us up".  "You remind me of this other coach I know..."

I'm always anxious to meet other coaches.  I want to learn about the business and different perspectives of coaches.  I want to pick their brain.  And let's be honest, sometimes we could all use a friend who does what we do. 

I said yes to the set up and Monday afternoon we were meeting by phone.  I asked about her story.   Her story had some ups and downs.  She wasn't always a believer.  She wasn't always a coach. And then she said something that hit me right between the eyes. 

I told God I just wanted to help other people.

The reason it stopped me in my tracks is because I had forgotten.  I've been busy.  I have a stampede of ideas running through my head.  There's things to do.  People to call.  E-mails to answer. 

I had forgotten.  I had forgotten that I started this business to help people.  I had forgotten that God's gifts and talents that he gives to each of us is about helping others and serving Him.  

As I told her my story, there was more encouragement.  There was more truth.  And something my community is talking about lately, there was some speaking Jesus over one another. 

I hung up wanting to help people again.  I got off the phone ready to focus on  people instead of being considered a success as a business owner or developing a marketing strategy.  I was reminded once again that my ultimate purpose was to love God and love people. 

Which made me wonder about you too?  While most of you may not own your own business, does your list of to do's drown out your desire to help others?  How often do you and I forget that we are here to help others as we serve God?  

And maybe, like me, there are days when you've forgotten it all and can't even figure out how you might help someone?  What are you really gifted at?  I know I can roll my tongue, for example, but I'm not quite sure that really helps anyone. 

How can you and I truly help people?  How do you know what gifts you have to offer that can truly help?  Here's some tips that I learned from my new coach friend. 

Own Your Story

The one thing we talked about was our stories.  After listening to the ups and downs of her story, my story felt pretty tame.  Introverted girl does a few nonsensical things for God.  Not sure how its all turning out.  

After listening, her coach up was how I told my story.  I started with, "My story is not as exciting as yours."  She encouraged me with your story is amazing and has power. My story would help those who resonated with it.  That my goal should be to stay true to the story God is writing for my life and the overflow of that would be people who would be changed by my story.  

No matter where you are in life - a working single girl, an empty nester who is bored with your current job, a woman in transition to a new career, or a mom of little ones -

When we want to help someone, let's start with our story.  Let's you and I agree to own the story that God is writing for us and allow Him to use it to impact the lives of others. 

Consider How Your Were Helped Along Your Journey

As we talked further, I confessed my swirling.  What did I have to sell?  How could I help people and still live in a house - you know with walls and a roof and running water?  

The solution: go back to the basics.  We talked about going back over our own stories and remembering.  Remember how we were helped when we needed to make a change.  Remember what we needed.  Remember the type of help we received to take the next step. 

And the reality is that all of us can help others with the help we received.  

Praise be to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.
— 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

You and I, we get to help others with the help we have received.  Help from God.  Help from our family and friends.  Help from God's Word.  

How do we do that?  We take time to reflect.  What has been most helpful to you and I on our own journey of faith?  And help others with that.  It's that simple, really. 

Make Yourself Available

In the church, we place so much emphasis on gifting and calling.  Do I have this gift?  Is that really  my calling?  In my own journey, there has been a place for calling and giftedness.  God wants me to use my gifts and calling to build up my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I don't know about you, but I can become overly obsessed with gifts and calling.  I can forget that my main goal is to love God and help others.  And so I lose sight of how I can help others in little ways because I'm focused on using my gifts when I serve or fulfilling my calling. 

I wonder what would happen if we made ourselves available?  Available for the big things in life that fulfill our purpose and calling.  But also available for little things like helping people right where they are.  Sometimes that will mean using my gifts and sometimes that will mean just serving and helping because ultimately that's what I want to do - help people. 

I'd love to hear what God has put on your heart as far as helping people. Let's pray for each other as we make ourselves available and allow God to use our stories.