10 Life Coaching Quotes for Inspired Goals

I bought a new planner for 2017.  And when I say bought, I mean invested.  If we're basing it on price, this should be the cadillac of planners.  I bought it because 2016 has gone by in a blur.  I had various goals in my head, but few actually made it to a finished product.  And lets face it, I would like 2017 to be the year that I finish stuff. 

As you know from my previous posts, I choose One Word to focus on every year.  And with the word choosing comes goal setting.  How am I going to see these things in my life?  By setting a few goals. 

And whether it's goal setting at work or in your personal life, we need a little inspiration to get things done.  More on goal setting later, but for now - get inspired with your goals with these 10 Life Coaching quotes. 

1. Enjoy the Journey

I love this one - mostly because for many years I focused so much on the destination that I lost sight of the journey.  Accomplishing your goals is important, but life is about the journey.  So enjoy the process and don't be in such a rush to get "there" (wherever there is). 

2. It's Never Too Late To Change Your Life. 

Maple Grove, MN Life Coaching

Maple Grove, MN Life Coaching

I say this quite often to my clients.  And as someone who has changed career paths and places of residence many times, I firmly believe it's never too late to start living the life God intends for you - a life of purpose and meaning.  Don't be hesitant to set a life changing goal - it's worth the fight! 

3. Everything is hard before it gets easy

Christian Life Coaching Inspiration

Christian Life Coaching Inspiration

I wrote about this last year.  I tried something new - working with kids at church.  I was surprised it wasn't easy.  I was also surprised when my business wasn't always easy.  And then I remembered, we all start somewhere.  It's always hard until we get the hang of it.  It's always hard to do something new.  Do it anyway!  

4. Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Life Coaching Quotes

Life Coaching Quotes

Ever regret not taking action on something?  True confession: all the time.  As a dreamer, I do a lot of wishing.  But what would change about your life and mine if we actually stopped wishing and dreaming and took one baby step toward doing? 

5. Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try

Goal Setting Inspiration

Goal Setting Inspiration

We won't know until we try.  No pun intended...but I try to live like this.  If there is something I am hoping or wishing for, I know it won't happen by waiting in my house.  I take a step of faith.  I put a little bit out there and you can too.  What is one new thing you can try this week?

6. A little progress adds up to big results

Crush Your Goals

Crush Your Goals

One of the things that keeps us from accomplishing our goals?  We get paralyzed with how much we have to do to get there.  We envision all the steps and get overwhelmed.  Ready to try something different?  Take it one step at a time.  You don't have to plan all 50 steps today.  Let's plan one baby step and see how that goals.  Before you know it, you'll see big results. 

7. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. 

Life Coaching Quotes, Maple Grove, MN

I'm a big believer in stepping out of your comfort zone.  Not because I like it.  But because it changes me every time.  In fact, I often know God's in this next step when it is challenging or when I feel in over my head.  So next time you feel challenged, allow it to change you as you accomplish your goals. 

8. Inhale courage, exhale fear

Christian life coach in Maple Grove, MN 

Are you ready for 2017 to be different?  Changing your life requires courage.  When you're brave with you life, you can change your life.  So inhale the courage to step out of your comfort zone.  And exhale fear by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 

9. When you love what you have, you have everything. 

Christian life coach

I love this one.  I don't know about you - but my heart needs this.  When I love what I have... An easy way to start?  Keep a gratitude journal.  Start keeping track of what you love.  Before you know it, you'll love what you have.  

10.  A beautiful thing is never perfect

Maple Grove, MN Life Coach

Present over perfect.  It seems to be a theme for me anyway.  I once thought things and life in general needed to be perfect to be beautiful.  Can you and I agree on one thing in 2017?  Messy is beautiful! 

I love each of these quotes as they are truly inspirational to me in setting and accomplishing my goals and living a life that honors God with His purposes for me.  

I'd love to hear from you.  What's your big goal for 2017 and which of these quotes inspires you to get after it?