Three Self-Care Questions For A New You

We're into a new year and if you're anything like me, you're wondering when the new you kicks in?  You've made the resolutions.  You been to the gym, sort of.  You cut the carbs at breakfast.  You showed up last Friday with a new attitude at work.  

So why do you feel like the same person as in 2016?  

Becoming a new you takes new attitudes, new habits, and lots of practice.  You're probably not going to be shocked at this...but a new you starts with baby steps in the same direction.  Take a step and find the new you as you go.  

Many of you know I'm on the "one word" bandwagon.  You pick one word to focus on for the year. Throughout the year you journal and plan and remind yourself how to instill that word in your life.  So far, the practice has been life-changing and de-stressing when it comes to pressure of getting somewhere on the resolutions. Read more about my one word journey. 

Maple Grove, MN Christian Life Coach

My word for this year is WOVEN.  Woven because I want to live in light of the fact that God has woven me together (Psalm 139).  Woven because I have value because of how He has knit me together and not how in the quality of my work.  Woven because I want to take care of what God has woven together.  

Self-care has become important to me well because I'm not so good at it.  I have every intention of eating to nourish my body, taking time for myself, and finding things that are life giving, but in the end I run around like a chicken with my head cut off.  

To be honest, since I've entered 2017 I've experienced some of the busiest weeks of my life.  Crazy schedules.  No time to take care of me physically.  Grabbing food on the run.  What has your 2017 looked like? 

As I prepare a group coaching workshop on self-care, I think we can all ask ourselves some questions when it comes to self-care and becoming a new you. 

1. Where do you need a little self-care? 

The best place to start is a little evaluation.  What do you currently love about your life?  And what areas are you neglecting?  I know for me - I have been running since January 1.  Since that time, I've written a group coaching curriculum (well finished writing it).  Started two new weekly group coaching sessions.  Consistently freelanced in writing 2-3 per week.  Spoke at two speaking engagements.  And I slept a little.  Just saying. 

As you evaluate your calendar and evaluate how you feel about your life, where do you feel crazed and run down?  What in your life needs a little me time?  What areas of you life are begging for some love for a new you?  

Need a little help identifying.  Start with your major life priorities.  Your people.  Your home.  Your health.  Your work.  Your heart.  Evaluate these are the rest will follow. 

2.  What nourishes your soul?

Before you get started with self-care, you need to work on self-discovery.  Who are you on the inside?  What kinds of things and activities refresh you?  What nourishes your soul so that you are ready to go out and face the world?  What kinds of things reconnect you with who you are? 

Is it a nice long bubble bath or reading your favorite book?  Coffee with a friend or a long run at the park?  Playing with your dog?  Watching your fave movie?  Crafting with friends or organizing a closet?  Since God wove each of us together, he created us with hearts that are nourished differently.  For some, the list above sounds exhausting.  And others of us would kill to read their favorite book.  Identify one thing you can start doing today that nourishes your soul. 

3. What do you need to let go of? 

Every YES means you're saying NO to something else.  That's one thing about the human condition.  Our time is limited.  Our capacity is limited.  When we say yes, we are automatically saying no to our family and friends, to taking care of ourselves with nourishing meals or being active, or to having time to yourself. 

Sometimes what we need to let go of is not a thing, but an expectation or a way of looking at life.  What is holding you and I back from truly taking car of ourselves so we can take care of others?  

To be honest, this is just a start.  As for me, I know I could use a little margin.  Right now, I'm sitting in Noodles, eating lunch on my way to my next appointment.  I have no margin because I have a full day working, coaching, running errands and working again.  

When it comes to self-care we could use a little help and accountability.  So what it the one step you can take toward a new you when it comes to self-care?  I'd love to hear from you. 

Interested in learning more about self-care?  Join other women from the One Foot Community for our Group Coaching workshop on self-care this Saturday at 10 am.  You're sure to walk away with new insight, accountability and clear next steps on your self-care journey.