8 Simple Steps for a Balanced Life

Can you believe it's we're heading toward the end of March already?  To be honest, since I celebrated the New Year, life has been speeding by.  And quite honestly, I'm not sure when I'll catch my breath.  

Both sides of business has picked up for me.  From more coaching groups to writing and web design, and for the first time since owning my own business, I have enough work to keep me busy and not catch up. 

So, when do I catch up?  You guessed.  I work weekends now.  Lots of them.  While I tell myself, it will just be an hour to make this tweak to a website or finish this article - my one hour turns into 4 hours later and very little relaxation over the weekend. 

Before I knew it, I looked up and realized I am way out of what we would call life balance. Working everyday means little rest and little refreshment. 

Can you relate? While some of you are building business on the side, others of you have other even more important things going on.  Like your family.  Multiple kiddos means multiple activities in addition to your own.  Balance to you would mean only having to drive one kiddo somewhere each evening instead of dropping all four in different places all while getting dinner on the table. For others, balancing work and home can feel like a never ending treadmill of things to do.  Or maybe you have the time.  You come home from work and have the time but while you intend to rest your really don't refresh. 

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That's why we're taking on balance this week here at the One Foot Offices and creating a group coaching session this Saturday all focused on getting our life balance back on track.  

As you can read from above, I clearly have some work to do in this area so I took to doing some research on the topic.  To prep you if you can come on Saturday (local peeps) or for those of you needing so much balance that you can't make Saturday work, I found some simple steps to help you start finding some balance in your crazy-busy life. 

1. Identify your game plan

Most of you know, I'm not a list maker.  But I am a planner and one of the things I've gotten into is actually using a planner.  I purchased, no invested, in mine from Inkwell Press. The one I have has a pretty section to help me think through a vision board each month.  What does this do?  It makes me sit down and get a game plan for my week and the month ahead.  Included in your game plan should be your must do's, the things you need to say no to, and what you want to give priority to.  Check out my Facebook video on planners

2. Front load your no's

I know, I know.  I'm not good at it either. Someone calls or just asks face-to-face and before I've had a chance to think about it, I've said yes. Yes to another thing to do.  Yes to more activities. And sometimes, you and I need to say no and have it be okay that it's balance and not another commitment driving our no.  Every yes means we need to say no to somethings else.  So let's agree together to front load our no's for a balanced life. 

3. Dump energy zappers, as much as possible

It's important for each of us to identify what refreshed our soul and what zaps our energy. Take some time - even if it's while you're in the carpool line, to evaluate what zaps you of energy. And then try to stop saying yes to those activities. Unless what zaps you is cleaning the bathroom - you should still clean your bathroom. 

4. Choose presence over perfection

Also the title of one of my fave books this year.  So often, we're busy making it perfect.  It can be your home or your schedule or your work - when our people just want us to be present. Letting go of everything being perfect will give you some breathing room to embrace a little balance. 

8 Simple steps to finding life balance

8 Simple steps to finding life balance

5. Build in some downtime

For those of us who always like to be on the go, this is not gonna be easy!  But give yourself some margin.  Refuse to be on the go all afternoon.  Give yourself an hour for a relaxing bath, or coffee alone, or even an extra space to reschedule a meeting when you need it.  You'll be glad you did. 

6. Front load your work week

Or in other words, let's get 'er done. When a busy week is upon you, try to get more done Monday through Wednesday and leave the relaxing to when we naturally want to do it.  Friday. When you focus on productivity off the bat, you may find you get more done and can build in some balance at the end. 

7. Start with a mini

Have something that recharges and refreshed you?  For those busy weeks where you can't fit a single thing in, take 15 minutes for something you enjoy. Starbucks drive-thru? A quick phone call to a friend. Or as my friend Jim likes to do it, a 15 minute power nap.  

8. Schedule what you enjoy

If you can get past the mini, start blocking off some time for things you enjoy. A walk during lunch. Coffee with friends for just an hour. Volunteering for a cause you love. Coming to coaching (just saying). Whatever it is, make it a priority by scheduling it in pen. 

Ready to deep dive in embracing balance your life?  


I hit the highlights and there's more to come. But I'm wondering if you've found anything helpful on your journey to life balance?  Would you share it with the One Foot Community by leaving a comment here?  We'd all love to hear your secrets to a balanced life!