When You Need A Breakthrough

When was the last time you needed a breakthrough? You know, a time when you felt stuck in your own routines or patterns or thinking. Maybe you need a breakthrough when it comes to a relationship in your life. Maybe you need a breakthrough when it comes to living healthy.  Or in your career and work life. Or maybe even in your relationship with God. 

I'm super proud of our church. Mostly because we just started a series on breaking through the circles we find ourselves in. And for the next several weeks we're going deeper into what keeps us stuck and how to make that change - even when it seems impossible. 

If you're from the Twin Cities, you've likely driven on these new roundabouts.  About a couple of years ago, our city planners started using these roundabouts to direct traffic. The only problem. A large majority of the population had never driven on one before. 

The concept is simple. You drive around a circle and there are exits to the right where you want to get off.  Sometimes there's up to 6 places where you can exit - as long as you're in the right lane. But if you're in the inside lane, you may feel like you're driving in circles. FOREVER! 

Christian Life Coaching

Our life can be like those roundabouts. We enter our circles knowing where we want to go. But somewhere in the middle - we get stuck on the inside lane. We can't make our way over to exit. What we need is a breakthrough. 

It takes courage to break out of the circle we so naturally have drifted into. We break out of our circles when we step courageously out of what comes naturally. We break our circles when we change our mind and change our direction. 

So just how do we do this?  It all sounds great until we have to get intentional, right?  The reality is that we need to press pause and evaluate when we need a breakthrough. 

1. Identify the change you want to make

Step 1 is always the hardest part.  Why?  Because you and I like being comfortable. The circles we've drifted into may not be where we want to be.  But if you're anything like me - it's easier to stay where we've drifted than to choose the change direction. 

So before you seek a breakthrough, it's important to get clear on the breakthrough we're seeking. What do you want to change? What do you want more of?  Identify those things. 

2. What are the barriers to change? 

Change is hard. Change takes courage. And quite honestly, there will always be barriers and distractions for any change you and I want to make. 

I'm trying to honor my food intolerances right now - which means no gluten, no dairy and no fun. Just saying. But I need to change the way I look at food and the way I consume food. Here's the hard part. There are plenty of barriers and distractions for me to reach my goal. Everywhere I go, there is food with gluten and dairy. And don't get me started on how I love the drive thru. Identifying this barrier can help me make a plan and avoid it. 

No matter what your change - identifying your barriers and distraction can help you plan too! 

3. Get real with your underlying fears and worries

After you've identified the changes you want to make and addressed the barriers to your change, the next step is getting real with our fears and worries. If you're human, you have fears when it comes to change. 

Will I be successful? Will I like the change? Is the change going to be worth it? Am I capable? 

You get the drift. For every change, we have fears that come along for the ride. The great part about this is that fears and worries are normal. It's an opportunity to exercise your faith and learn to do things even when you're afraid. So get real about your fears. When you address your fears, you find the courage to face your fears and do it anyway.  Plus, it helps us acknowledge that God is bigger than our fears. 

4. Outline the conditions needed to move 

Oftentimes, what keeps us paralyzed and stuck is that we don't figure out what we need to move forward. But when you and I take the time to figure out what we need, and then assemble what we need - moving forward is a no-brainer. 

So after you've addressed your barriers and fears - figure out what you need.  Is it permission from your significant other? Is it encouragement from your friends and family? Is it finances? Once you've identified what you need - you can get to work. 

The reality is that change is hard.  And while I like to change around my living room frequently, the other changes that life requires are not as much fun. We need help along the way. We need a breakthrough to keep from drifting into the inside lane. 

One of the reasons I started One Foot Coaching was to help women move out of their own circles. To inspire courageous change one baby step at a time. What I love most about what I do day in and day out is the One Foot community and how they come ready to apply God's Word and dive deeper into changing their lives - whether they feel stuck or just want to deepen their own faith experience. 

Finding a breakthrough is truly trusting God and taking one step at a time to change our lives. 

I'd love to hear from you. What is one step you want to take this week to experience your own breakthrough?