How Life Coaching Can Help You Design A Life You Love

Designing a life you love!  Sounds simple, doesn't it?  From finding joy and purpose to enjoying your everyday moments, creating your best life can be more complicated than it sounds. 

From my own experience, there were years when I knew there was something out there for me - but I didn't know what it was specifically, how to overcome my fears in making a change and even what my next step was in trying to get there. 

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Enter life coaching. When I first heard about life coaching, I had no idea what people were talking about. I had never met a life coach and had no idea what they really did. The more I learned, the more I loved. 

Life coaching isn't about your coach telling you what to do - it's about a trained coach using proven tools and worksheets all while asking you powerful questions to help you discover for yourself your next steps, the purpose and path you want to follow and finding confidence to change your life and follow your dreams. 

I know what you're thinking - life coaching is an investment. And even more importantly, is the investment worth it? Life coaching brings with it many benefits - so let's take a look...

Understanding Your Life Purpose

One of the many benefits to life coaching is finding some clarity around your life purpose. Back when I was struggling to find out what that nagging sense of something more was - I struggled with my unique purpose and how to pull my strengths and gifts and skills together into a career. 

When I signed up for life coaching - I knew I was interested - but I had no idea that I would find clarity not only on what I was good at but who I was on the inside. Life coaching helped me find clarity about my passions and purpose and how I could create a life I truly loved all helping others with my unique God-given wiring. 

Your life coach can help you get clear on next steps and finding purpose in your everyday life - whether that be in your existing job and or in launching into something new. 

Aligning Your Life and Values

One of the greatest benefits of life coaching is identifying your core values and crafting a life that honors those values.  Over the years, I've learned that meaning, joy and purpose come mostly from learning to live what we believe. 

Life coaching can help you slow down and discover the things that matter most to you. Is it your faith? Is it family? Is it a meaningful job or volunteering to make a difference? Once you identify your values, life coaching can help you put together a plan to incorporate those values in your life and start living them out in your everyday life. 

Facing Your Obstacles

When it comes to living life here on earth, we all will face obstacles on our path.  From navigating relationships, life transitions or even finding joy and meaning - you and I will encounter things that hold us back and keep us from moving forward. 

Life coaching can help you identify what holds your back. From fears to time management or not even knowing the goals you need to set, your life coach can give you the tools you need to identify your unique obstacles and develop a plan going forward to navigate them and keep moving forward. 

Action Plans for Your Life

Life coaches are really life strategists. They can help you identify and develop goals and build action plans for the life your want to create.  That includes making changes in the way you show up in your relationships. That includes choosing to change your career or your location. That includes an action plan for discovering who you are - your strengths and gifts - so that you can give back to others.  As you partner together with a life coach, you will develop action plans together to incorporate those thing that matter most to you into your everyday life. 

In the end, life coaching is still an investment. But it's an investment in you!  It's a commitment to saying I will take a little time regularly to work on you. You'll choose to press pause and identify the kinds of things that feed your soul and make you fall in love with your life. You'll choose to press pause and get clear on what matters most to you. You'll press pause and identify what keeps you from living a life you love and develop action plans to keep moving forward instead of feeling like that something more out there is always elusive. 

Let's face it. It takes courage to change your life. But I truly believe that it's never too late to start changing yours. So whatever that something more is for you, partnering with someone else can help you start taking steps of courage and building a life you love. 

Did you know that I offer a free initial life coaching session?  This session will include a free coaching tool so you can experience what coaching can do for you before you make an investment.  You can get started today and take one step toward changing your life. 

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