Designing Your Perfect Day

I help women stop living their fears and live their dreams instead. That's what I used to say about One Foot. Occasionally, I still say it. I'm in the business of helping women live intentionally and courageously. But mostly, I'm in the business of helping women create and design a life they've always imagined. 

That life can include career changes, relationships improvements, ministry leadership, and even continually being aware that we can take baby steps to grow and mature and become more like Christ. 

Life Reimagined

Wouldn't all of us like to press pause and reimagine our life at one point or another? Wouldn't we like a reboot in at least one area of our lives?  Health? Jobs? Parenting? School? Friendships? Volunteering? 

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I've been thinking about this because I'm starting fresh too. I'm rethinking what I do best. I'm pressing pause on business as usual and seeking a fresh start when it comes to how I think and what I do. And I'm wondering if you might not be needing a fresh start too? A life reimagined. 

Start with your perfect day

I don't know about you - but my days tend to get away from me. I wake up and before I know it the dog has been let out and is off to his early morning nap, I'm making my breakfast smoothie, and ready to get to work. If I'm not careful, I can find myself at 5 pm having not really thought about my day at all. My day has happened to me instead intentionally living my day. 

I know what you're thinking. That's life! That's how all my days go. But what if we could be more intentional about our days? And maybe your start isn't an entire day that is perfect, but maybe it's an hour or two that you plan some life-giving activity. And then you build up to your perfect day. 

I've been pondering this mostly from an innocent conversation with a friend. We were out to lunch and she remarked that her favorite coaching session she had attended was about envisioning our perfect day. 

You become what you envision yourself being
— Jasmine Star

So what does it take to envision your perfect day? 

How do you want to feel? 

There's an author and kind of life coach out there (I'm not sure she calls herself a life coach), but she starts with how her clients want to feel. I don't always agree with her theologically and starting with our feelings can sometimes call for a little balance with faith and what God says is true. 

But I also see the value in asking how we want to feel about our days. Do we want to feel joy? Do we want to feel fulfilled? Identifying how we want to feel may help us design a day that we love - which can building into a whole week we love into a life we love. 

What are you passionate about? 

Those things you're passionate about. They are not an accident.  God has uniquely designed each one of us to have specific passions. You're passions can range from your kiddos and parenting well to writing a blog, taking pictures or helping people with their finances. 

The key here is learning to build your passions into your day. 

I used to think I needed to work in my passions and I feel blessed that my work now includes my passions like writing, speaking, Bible study, and empowering people to live out their dreams. But sometimes we don't always find a way to combine our work and our passions. The reality is that for many of us our passions are things we fit in around our work or during our work. Regardless if you've found a job that includes your passions or not - find a way to fit those things your are passionate about into your life for a perfect day. 

Paint a picture

I can hear you groaning from here. No, you don't actually have to paint. Yes, you have to create a picture. But first, ask yourself: "What kind of life do you want to live?"

Remember that quote from above? You become what you envision. You and I need to get serious about envisioning that perfect day before our the demands of our day takes over and we just drift through it. So take a moment. Envision your perfect day with how you want to feel, who you would spend it with and what you would love to do. Then draw it. I promise you won't need to show it to anyone. 

Perfect not flawless

The reality is that my perfect day will look completely different than your perfect day. And what I'm not talking about is flawless. Your perfect day will still have imperfections and expectations to meet and obligations to fulfill. Instead, look at your perfect day as a day of joy and fulfillment.

What kinds of things bring you joy? Who are the people who fill you and refresh you? How can you craft more time for you and your loved ones? When do you feel your best? 

When you and I get intentional about what to include in our days in the middle of the mundane and everyday busyness, we find purpose not in a job, but in the everyday moments of life. 

I'd love to hear from you on your perfect day. What kinds of things would you include in your perfect day?