The Life-Changing Power of Group Coaching

Have you every had that moment that made you remember your "why"?  You know, your reason for doing the things you do or even the things you want to do.  I had a moment last night. 

I met two gals at my fave Starbucks for coffee and a conversation on coaching. They had reached out to me with an interest in coaching. They asked if we could get together and if I could share my story. 


I'm passionate about empowering other women to live out their God-given purpose and knew I should step in. What I didn't realize is that this short conversation would remind me of my love for coaching and inspiring women to change their life one courageous step at a time. 

My early beginnings

Can you believe that One Foot is coming up on it's 3rd birthday? It seems like yesterday and a decade ago at the same time that I left my secure job and said yes to walking in what seemed like reckless obedience to God. 

When I first started One Foot, I naturally navigated into group coaching. I invited my people to come to a once a month coaching session to deepen their faith, focus on themselves and start creating a life of purpose. From my background as a small groups director and facilitator of group things, it seemed natural that I would focus on group coaching. 

But in truth, group coaching found me. Don't get me wrong. I still love working with individual clients and walking with them as they discover their purpose and transition to working in their passion. And yet, my group coaching clients have a special place in my heart. 

I love getting a front row seat into what God is doing when we gather as a group, commit our ways to Him and develop action plans to align our faith and work and life. 

Group Coaching as a Game Changer

I believe group coaching has the power to change lives. From getting intentional to discovering how to live out our values and priorities, leaning into group coaching can be the catalyst to connect you with God and His purposes for your life. So what are the true benefits to engaging in group coaching? Here you go...

Pressing Pause

The number one benefit my current group coaching clients claim is an opportunity to press pause on their busy, everyday lives. Let's face it. Between carpools, work responsibilities, volunteer opportunities and just plain keeping the house clean - we don't take time for ourselves. Group coaching is that once a month opportunity to press pause on all those should do's to connect with God and your must dos. Group coaching helps you get away from your to-do list, clear your head, and gain clarity on your life today. 

Focus and Clarity

Here's why I love group coaching- it helps you and I focus on one area of our lives. While I typically pick the topics, God does the rest in helping participants narrow in and find clarity on specific areas of their life. Relationships. Work. Balance. Faith. Whatever it is, each person comes away with a focus and clarity for their unique situation. 

Life-Changing Community

One of the things I've loved about group coaching is the community that's been growing. As gals come consistently to group coaching, they not only have an opportunity to focus on themselves - they also have an opportunity to develop real and meaningful relationships. As we process our faith through coaching tools, we are developing a community of women who are not willing to stay the same, but who want to keep growing and living out their faith together. 

We are building a community that speaks truth to one another, that chooses to be vulnerable and hold each other accountable. In our time together, we've encouraged each other to change careers, write Bible studies, volunteer for new ministries, and walk in courage when it comes to health and wellness.  There's nothing like seeing lives transformed because we taken the time to develop honest and open relationships. 

Action Plans

One of my highest strengths on the Strength Finder test is strategy. I'm not always the visionary, but I'm the one who helps put feet to the vision. I love that group coaching helps women develop action plans for the vision they have for their lives. Each session ends with one thing they are taking away and helps members develop the baby steps need to live their life by design.  

As I like to tell my clients, our journey to change starts with one baby step.  A baby step to pressing pause. A baby step to finding focus and clarity. A baby step to building an action plan to creating a life you love. 

There's no time like the present to get a taste of what group coaching can do for you. For local Minnesota peeps, I'd love to have you join us for this special event where girls' night out meets taste of group coaching. 


Grab a friend, enter FRIEND in the discount code, get 50% off and enjoy!  It's never too late to begin the journey of changing your life one courageous step at a time! 

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