Understand the people you work with, 
unify your team, and increase your impact. 

 Your team’s pathway to greater impact 

Do you desire to be part of team that makes a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom? Are you wanting to improve communication, team unity, and creativity? Do you want to understand why the individuals on your teams think, feel, and behave in particular ways? If you are looking for a tool to take your church team to the next level, then I can help!

My Enneagram coaching for teams is designed to move your team to greater growth, freedom, and impact.

 Team Benefits

Enneagram Church Team workshops and training will uncover the power of the Enneagram and will help your team:

  • Improve the people skills of your team and ability to work effectively with others.

  • Unify your teams around a common mission

  • Grow and motivate your team for Kingdom impact

  • Empower your team to grow toward greater emotional intelligence by encouraging each person to grow into their best selves

  • Equip your team members to greater leadership development

  Unlock your team’s potential for growth and impact

 Enneagram Typing for Individual Team Members

Schedule individual Enneagram typing sessions for each of your team members where they’ll discover their dominant type, how they interact with others, and the natural instincts of their type that are holding them back from greater leadership and impact.

Enneagram Exploring You Team Workshop

Book this 2 hour workshop to give your team an overview of the Enneagram, how it works, and how it can help your team or experience life change and greater impact together. Your team will walk away with a greater understanding of their own personality and how they can work better together

Enneagram for Team Dynamics

Improve team communications and effectiveness with this advanced workshop in the Enneagram. Your team will use their new understanding of their types to gain a greater understanding of each other and work better together to achieve God’s mission.